Are your storage needs increasing faster than your on-premises storage can handle? We explain why cloud storage is actually the safer option – while also saving you money.

Cybersecurity breaches are becoming more frequent and advanced than ever before, and can result in the significant loss of both enterprises’ and their customers’ confidential data and money. Whether via the cloud or in a private data center, no storage method is guaranteed to be impenetrable.

Yet, InfoSec innovations are continuing to combat cyberthreats. Today, cloud security protocols are becoming more rigorous than those of traditional storage methods. And more people are trusting cloud storage: In fact, by the end of 2022, an estimated 60% of all corporate data was stored in the cloud rather than on traditional hard drives or on-premises servers.

In this blog, we explore the rise of the core types of cloud-native storage platforms, the security features and benefits of cloud storage, and share best practices and use cases for using the cloud for your enterprise storage needs.