Datacenter Services for Service Providers

Engineered for Multi-Market, Multi-National Platforms


Our Top ‘5’ Datacenter Starting Point Strategies Include:


Getting To Know Your Team

Survey the IT & Security Infrastructure

Set Strategies and Goals

Incorporate Digital Transformation

Set Priorities

Virtual Data Center (VDC):

Built-to-Order Private Cloud Options

  • Small, Medium, Large & Customer Configurations per host 20-56 cores, 128 GB – 1.5 TB RAM, 5-35 TB usable storage (SSD)

Hardware Defined

  • Management, services, upgrades, compatibility, security tied to a firmware on hardware.

The Good

  • Hardware was highly optimized for functions it was bought and vendor specific.
  • Routers, Switches, Storage, Firewalls

The Bad

  • New features, more hardware
  • 5-year average purchase cycle, depreciating asset

Relocation & Renewal

Move 100% to Cloud, No Hardware

Existing equipment is coming EoL (End of Life)

Existing Datacenter can't Expand Power

Existing Datacenter contract coming up for renewal in the next 2 years.

Received Contract Renewal Notice, Must Vacate.

Datacenter Partners: