About TeleSource Communications, Inc.

Our Process


Listen to Scope

After listening closely to your Stakeholders, we develop a unique project plan that aligns with your business objectives and generates concensus.


Strategic Sourcing

We engage our unique Ecosystem with your solution and let the providers compete for your business.

From start to finish, we manage the evalatuion process and provide a summary analysis across suppliers including pricing.



We oversee and inspect the deliverables across the deployment making sure expectations are being met and exceeded including your invoice aligning with your contracts.


Validation & Support

After Migration, ensuring the supplier is going beyond typical service levels to provide the best customer experience becomes our role.

Who We Are

TeleSource Communications, Inc. is a team of veteran IT, Cloud & Telephony specialists that have been helping companies since 1997.

What We Do

Our job is getting you promoted. Every business is disrupted by sourcing suppliers across the IT, Cloud & Telecom Industries. We educate, facilitate and advocate to achieve positive business outcomes.

How We Help

Working closely together with your teams, we deliver purpose-built solutions that exceed expectations while staying within your budget.

Founded in 1997 by Adam Myers, TeleSource Communications, Inc. (TSC) started with the mission of delivering an extraordinary ‘White-glove’ customer experience when sourcing and managing complex, commercial network services focusing on the industrial manufacturing and energy sectors.

Not All Service Providers are Created Equal

Not all NOC’s and SOC’s are created equal. Not all sales channels from the service providers are created equal either. This puts end-users IT/ICT Ecosystems directly at risk due to a total lack of accountability. The service provider legacy business models contains several ‘key’ major problems for customers including:

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  • Biased and in a Silo to their individual product offers
  • Annualized direct account/engineering team turn-over
  • Poor transactional engagements driven by sales quotas
  • Protracted contracting/SLA/billing validation processes
  • Revolving customer care departments
  • Unplanned maintenance
  • No effective retention programs
  • No ‘Single’ Point of Contact for escalations

TeleSource Bridges the Gap

Between traditional direct sales channel staffing and an unbiased, reliable, ethical, highly motivated contingent workforce by providing flexible, on-demand, IT services worldwide. We deliver significant value through our unique ‘Next Generation’ engagement model and practices including:

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  • ‘Vendor-Neutral’, unbiased and agnostic solutions from multiple service providers
  • We make your problems our challenges and take a proactive approach to solving them
  • We help you build strong, meaningful, strategic relationships with services providers
  • We pay attention to ‘all’ the details and escalate all issues to resolution
  • We service clients beyond expectations
  • Bedrock principles of: Honesty, Integrity, Respect, Loyalty and Action
  • ‘Single’ Point of Contact for administration, escalation and effective retention
  • 22 Years in business with 90% customer retention ratio

Better Built Solutions

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Better built solutions begin with an understanding of your business, its unique challenges and current technology leveraged. No business transformation is successful without a highly motivated, engaged leadership, vocal workforce and partners like us who listen. We offer guidance through every stage of an organization’s business transformation. Cloud Transformation is an enabler of what’s possible and what’s current to the all critical Customer eXperience (CX).

Your Advantage is our Expertise

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Through our primary vertical markets of industrial manufacturing and energy sector, we have gained valuable insight to successfully dealing with complex, highly regulated customer environments. Our average team member and Ecosystem partner has over 10 years of telecoms industry experience, with many boasting more than 20 years’ experience. This leads us to uncover systemic customer business and technical issues more quickly, determine root causes faster in order to develop and execute an actionable plan to remediate issues.

Buying Power is Your Ability

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To achieve the best overall pricing outcome with a service provider. When you work with TeleSource, you gain this critical advantage. The transparency and deliverables of these processes, including contracts, order numbers, asset inventory and escalation lists will be well documented in our customer portal and is available to customers 24x7x365. Our unique vendor-neutral model delivers the most competitively negotiated pricing matched directly with your individual business needs without any travel involved.

Since our Founding (1997-2022)
Digital Transformation has evolved.

We’ve grown to become full-scale trusted advisors, fine-tuned our value proposition and continue saving thousands of management hours and millions of dollars for our customers across industries. With customers using our recommended voice, global IP networks, cybersecurity, datacenter, cloud platforms and professional services covering all major global energy markets, our unique vendor partnerships cover 80% of the Gartner© Magic Quadrant.

THEN                           NOW

THEN: Commercial Digital Transformation in 1997 was in its Absolute Infancy

  • Unified Communications are voicemail.
  • Blackberry was the mobile business tool.
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  • New Private IP-based service called ‘Frame Relay’ allowed existing multi-site, private-line customers to leverage a new technology called permanent virtual circuits (PVC’s) thereby delivering what was a dedicated private IP-based connection that could support voice, data and video traffic to a variable location without having to pay for a full-time leased line.
  • The IBM AS-400 was the primary system for customers hosting ERP and other mission-critical applications requiring extreme reliability such as SAP or Oracle.
  • Check Point VPN-1 firewall is a stateful firewall including stateful inspection
  • The 1st Cisco PIX 510 firewall had NAT capabilities and operate as a ‘Stateful’ firewall
  • 128Kb ISDN BRI circuits were the preferred back up of choice for Frame Relay networks
  • Just starting to deregulate and proliferate were:
    • Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) for Internet Access
    • 1.5Mb Dedicated Internet Access (w/ Class C IP addresses)
    • 1.5Mb ISDN PRI circuits for voice (w/Caller ID name and number)
    • Voice and Fax over IP
  • Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is the only method to resiliently blend multiple ISP connections across a single ASN# in an active/active (high-availability) configuration.
  • The only commercial data centers we worked with in Houston were;
    • 4201 Southwest Freeway Houston, TX 77027
    • 1301 Fannin St. Houston, TX 77002
    • 757 N. Eldridge Pkwy, Houston, TX 77079
  • The 1st version of 802.11 standard for Wi-Fi up to 2Mb speeds.
  • Most people used AOL for business and personal dial-up Internet and Email access.
  • Everything billed independently and was a nightmare for customers to manage.

NOW: Commercial Digital transformation is all grown up in 2020.  

  • TeleSource now covers the entire globe with service capabilities and bill in local currency where applicable.
  • Network virtualization has taken over corporate computing.
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  • All commercial productivity software is delivered via the Internet as a Virtual Desktop across multiple providers (ie; ‘The Cloud’: Azure, AWS, Google, Oracle etc.).
  • Fiber-based bandwidth connectivity has proliferated, (1-10Gb+) speeds have increased and costs (-$$) have decreased.
  • Collaboration is Unified Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS) are now true Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Cloud-based, subscription model for all collaboration on ‘any’ device: voice, video, SMS, file share and fully capable of global service with international DDI#’s.
  • There are multiple mobile business device platforms.
  • New IP-based service called ‘SD-WAN’ allows existing multi-site, MPLS customers to leverage a new technology called software-defined wide area networking and network function virtualization (NFV) that includes the application management and cybersecurity stack delivering a secure, dedicated IP-based connection in an active/active or high-availability configuration across multiple ISP connections (2x+) that will support voice, data and video traffic to a variable location without having to pay for MPLS.
  • Most customers are hosting ERP and other mission-critical applications requiring extreme reliability such as Dynamics, SAP or Oracle in the ‘Cloud’ (Azure, AWS, Google and Oracle) of the providers via direct connection or the Internet.
  • Cable, 4G LTE or Satellite are the preferred backup of choice for SD-WAN
  • Proliferated services:
    • Broadband Cable, 4G LTE and Satellite for Internet Access
    • Unified Communications got Voice and Fax over IP
  • Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) is the ‘2nd’ method to resiliently blend multiple ISP connections in an active/active (high-availability) configuration.
  • The only commercial data centers we worked with are everywhere:
  • Everything billed independently and was a nightmare for customers to manage.
  • Customers use the TeleSource portal ‘Apollo CMS’ to track all account activity in addition to the service provider portals.