Securely, collect, process and share sensor data with our IoT, AI and ML-based solutions

Take the right steps before your attack

Mobility, AI & IoT Assessment


Discover Critical Volunerabilities

It is only a matter of time before your attack, find your greatest areas of risk.

Comply or Die

Make sure you have everything in place and are meeting compliance before your attack.

Have a plan

Know exactly the steps to take when your attack happens

Get Insured

Without an assessment and meeting baseline compliance, no insurance company will write a cybersecurity policy. 

Our Top Mobility, AI & IoT Starting Point Strategies Include:


Communicate effectively between sensors, processors, smart technology across the Internet to foster communication between devices connected wirelessly.

Help define: Mobility, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) & IoT for your business: IoT AGRO, GPS-Tracking & Monitoring, IoT Media (M2M)

Help you create the right solution with the right service providers based on verticals and regions requiring coverage.

Educate customers on the differentiators between the carriers plans; customer shared, pooled and standalone data bundles.

eSIM, Multi-IMSI, Local 4-5G LTE SIM Connectivity (US & Global)

Implementing Wireless Failover.

Walk you through the quoting, ordering and management processes.

Add significant value with AI-based management platforms with API’s for enterprise application integration.

Why Optimization is key:

Our Mobility Optimization uses AI to proactively monitor inventories by SIM number, usage on every device and automatically report against variances with the providers.

Wireless services are, by design, ‘metered’ services and subject to extreme variances in usage and costs.

Telematics solutions can significantly reduce costs when Optimized properly.

Mobility & Internet of Things (IoT) 

Are you?

  • An Early adopter of new network tech, especially with similar track record in enterprise Wireless Technology including: LTE and Wi-Fi
  • Knowledgeable about CBRS and/or are relying on MNOs for connectivity today
  • Current CEO, Line of Business/Segment/Industry Leader, VP/Director of IT/OT Infrastructure, Network Services and Innovation Lead / Architect

Do you have?

  • Corporate or Business-owned and staff-operated devices, from 100-20M
  • Need for improved service levels for a specific app/device/location
  • Facilities that go beyond the general carpeted enterprise office

What do you know?

  • Which of your devices are still on the wired network?
  • Would you consider cutting the cord?
  • Do you have large outdoor areas where staff / IoT devices and Wi-Fi hotspots need connectivity?
  • Do you have devices that experience dropped connections as they move within your facilities?