Fight Ransomware

like Digital Cancer, Early and Aggressively

Take the right steps before your attack

Cybersecurity Assessment

Discover Critical Volunerabilities

It is only a matter of time before your attack, find your greatest areas of risk.

Comply or Die

Make sure you have everything in place and are meeting compliance before your attack.

Have a plan

Know exactly the steps to take when your attack happens

Get Insured

Without an assessment and meeting baseline compliance, no insurance company will write a cybersecurity policy. 

Our Top ‘5’ Cybersecurity Starting Point Strategies Include:

Our 24x7x365 Global Managed Services Coverage delivers:

Security Health Assessment

Endpoint Security & Incident Response

Secure Internet Gateway

Advanced Email Security

Anti-Phishing & Security Awareness Training

Customers should be able to answer the following KEY questions regarding their Cyber-Security posture:

    The First 100 Hours: A Road Map to Next Generation Cybersecurity.

    Build automation into your processes.

    Adopt Zero Trust Framework.

    Reduce your attack surface.

    Increase “East-West” traffic visibility.

    TeleSource is your Managed Cyber-Security Solution Provider

    Insurance companies are not underwriting cyber security policies until companies prove they have taken appropriate steps to mitigate threats and potential breaches. Boards are being sued for negligence and therefore every BoD member wants to know how secure the company is to ensure they’re protected. Publicly traded firms must dislose in their financial reporting whether there are any material risks to the corporation based upon their cybersecurity posture or if there’s been an actual ‘Breach’. The Board is responsible for enforcing that guidance due to their GRC responsibility.

    Security threats are growing, but most companies struggle to defend themselves. They want to improve their security posture, but find it difficult with limited skilled staff and complexity from current market available technologies. TeleSource has been providing Cybersecurity services for over 20 years and have the comprehensive portfolio to meet your needs. From DDoS attack mitigation, monitoring and management of protective devices like firewalls to handling the entire lifecycle of an attack with detection, containment, response incorporating macro threat intelligence, advance analytics and SIEM technologies. Holistic & Flexible, Proven and Global.