SD-WAN Technology Solutions

Why Choose SD-WAN Technology

  1. Scalable, Resilient and Redundant
  2. Domestic and International Services
  3. Simplified Connectivity to Cloud-based platforms (ie; Azure, AWS, Google, etc.)
  4. Network Function Virtualization (NFV) that combines:
    1. Next-generation Cyber-security
    2. Dynamic network bandwidth
    3. Secure, Global VPN for remote workforce
    4. Application experience optimization across the world’s leading SD-WAN providers.

WHY work with TeleSource?

  1. Give you back your precious resources
  2. Become an integral part of your organization as ‘Trusted Advisor’ and ‘Strategic Partner’
  3. Properly align solutions with business objectives and strategies
  4. Show results delivering agnostic technologies and solutions to meet business needs
  5. Effectively manage multiple RFQ’s and RFP’s for domestic and international enterprises from quote to on-going invoice validation.
  6. Provide technical and commercial expertise across both on premise IT and Cloud based infrastructure for design validation.
  7. Implementation, Customer Care and Service Escalation support.

SD-WAN vs. MPLS: Which is right for your business?


MPLS networks provide a reliable, fixed level of bandwidth – but there’s a limit on how much capacity an MPLS connection can provision at once. Increased reliance on cloud and software as a service (SaaS) applications often results in high latency and slow, laggy connections.

SD-WAN combines multiple types of connections to add capacity as needed. This flexibility allows businesses to send critical applications like video calls and web conferencing over the highest-performing connection, which reduces packet loss and minimizes latency.

Businesses that switch to SD-WAN solutions typically reduce costs by 50% or more. Because SD-WAN uses several types of connections to route traffic, IT teams can leverage cost-effective options like mobile and broadband for low-priority tasks and use more expensive connections for critical applications.

Find The Right-Fit Connectivity Solution With our help.

TeleSource is your SD-WAN Technology Solution Provider

Networking trends including SD-WAN, SASE and 5G technologies dominate the IT executives and management as they look to develop efficient, bulletproof enterprise communications strategies. Network security, server consolidation and WAN optimization were cited as primary IT drivers for future investment, according to Network World’s 2020 State of the Network report.

In summary, 58% said SD-WAN can improve bandwidth efficiency, 55% expand connectivity options, 48% encourage hybrid cloud with 41% encouraging multi-cloud adoption. Increased use of containers and cloud—based applications that need access from the edge is also driving the of SD-WAN technologies.

95% of enterprises will be using SD-WAN technology within two years. IDC says the SD-WAN infrastructure market will hit $4.5 billion by 2022, growing at a more than 40% clip between now and then.

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