“We had unresolved production application issues across our Private IP Network impacting 750 Users at 7 ‘Critical Infrastructure’ U.S. Gulf Coast locations. After engaging TeleSource ProServices, we viewed ‘live’ data for the first time and remediated our issues in weeks.” 

– CIO, Gulfstream Marine

“We had ‘major’ email deliverability issues. Marketing wasn’t receiving ($1-$10M) ebid notifications across the Energy, Mining and Geothermal Industries for Well placement and production logging services. After engaging TeleSource ProServices, we resolved our problems locally and globally.”

– VP Sales, Scientific Drilling International

$378K in Monthly Savings – “We had a $400K monthly spend across 4,000 mobile devices with two major carriers. After engaging TeleSource ProServices, we have a $22K monthly spending across 300 corporate liable mobile devices with two major carriers.”

– CIO, Land & Seafloor Geophysical Company

What are “Smarter Partners”?
We take you from Good Enough to Great.

Who are you?

I spend from $600K-$21M annually on global technology hardware, network, cloud and software. I need to accelerate our Digital Transformation while reducing technology debt. I have legacy equipment and systems, multiple service providers with inconsistent support levels. I am a Technology Services Provider, Software-as-a-Service Provider, Global Enterprise, National U.S.-Based, Multi-National Division, and Mid-Market Business.

What do you want?

I need to change my IT purchasing experience and Lower Costs. I need to Speed new Cloud-based technology Deployments, Renewals, Upgrades, De-Risk Errors, Futureproof. I need better Actionable Analytics 24x7x365. I need a business partner who can cross disciplines, technologies, continents, fluently.

Why you’ll love working with us?

Our Mission: Optimize Monthly Recurring Costs Down Forever. The on-going savings created subsidizes your Digital Transformation. We’re not the OEM’s, we make them more responsive, competitive, accurate and accountable, forever.

Who are we?

We are “Trusted Advisors, Passionate, Relentless.”


We are the best way for you to focus on your business.



Cyber Security

Data Centers


Managed Services

Network Technology

Physical Security


Unified Communications

Work From Home

Ask about our complete technology review

Digital Transformation Technology & Performance Assessment

Client Requirements

We work closely with clients to determine the scope of the audit, set benchmarks and to understand their goals.

A Look Under the Hood

We analyze existing client technology ecosystems and closely evalaute them for client needs, sustainability and performance.

Path Forward to Success

We provide the client with a honest unbiased written report that provides a detailed understanding of existing systems. We provide vendor-neutral recommendations to close the gaps and chart a path for digital transformation and success.

Commercialize Your Operations

Deep Dive

We learn and review existing service levels, agreements and WAN/LAN applications performance.

Strategic Road Map

Customized to client goals.

Visible Execution

Complete control using APOLLOCMS for management.

Strategic Support

Self-Service, Managed Services to Strategic Partner.

IoT – Internet of Things

IoT and M2M applications encompass many protocols and technologies, but network connectivity remains a key element to any successful solution implementation. Telesource can deliver the connectivity solution for any IoT device and networking requirements, and offers custom shared, pooled and standalone data bundles to fit your usage profile.

Machine to Machine

SIM Options


IoT Agri-Business – Enabling agricultural firms to track feed levels with feed ordering automation via a single-source of wireless connectivity

Take the right steps before your attack

Cybersecurity Assessment

Discover Critical Volunerabilities

It is only a matter of time before your attack, find your greatest areas of risk.

Comply or Die

Make sure you have everything in place and are meeting compliance before your attack.

Have a plan

Know exactly the steps to take when your attack happens

Get Insured

Without an assessment and meeting baseline compliance, no insurance company will write a cybersecurity policy. 

Trusted by industries with mission-critical applications just like yours:

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