Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

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Is TeleSource a reseller?

TeleSource is not a reseller. We are a Channel Partner of our Supplier Partners whereby all contracts for services are signed directly between the end-user client (ie; you) and the Supplier Partner (ie; Service Provider). Invoices are billed directly to the end-user client. We deliver the entire experience from concept to execution so you can focus on your business and the results.

Is TeleSource a broker?

TeleSource is OK with the ‘term’ broker, however, we perform many more critical functions than the services of a typical (real-estate) broker which is focused around a ‘single’, physical property transaction that doesn’t provide management services post-sale. TeleSource ‘remains’ the Channel Partner for customers for the life of the contract for services and provides substantial ‘post-sales’ management services that are critical for customers to maximize their investments.

What do you charge for your services?

As a Channel Partner for our Supplier Partners, we are compensated directly by our Suppliers in an ongoing subscription model. Often when our Supplier Partner solutions require a ‘higher’ level of integration in order to deploy, TeleSource provides Professional IT Services that are billed directly by TeleSource to the end-user customer. Since 1998, customers have and do subscribe to non-contingent Professional Services to effectively deploy, manage, and maintain complex network and computing environments. Much of the costs for Professional Services engagements are paid for by the savings of our overall projects.

What does your design process look like?

The best designs are a result of the best information being shared amongst stakeholders in any given project or engagement. This is most effectively accomplished via a brief (15-30 minute) audio or video conference call among the stakeholders to learn the current business challenges based on the existing technology and projected timeline necessary to accomplish positive change. Subsequent (15-30 minute) calls will further engage customer line of business leaders including Operations, Customer Care, Finance, Sales and Information Technology. Our design process can take anywhere from a few hours, days to three weeks and will always include an ‘actionable’ timeline and Visio document from which to budget and execute.

What are your certifications?

The TeleSource Ecosystem holds all relevant certifications across all major technology services providers, hardware and software manufacturers. These certifications (ie; CCIE, MSCE) are leveraged on ‘every’ customer engagement to ensure that the appropriate solution design and implementations follow best-practices and exceed expectations.