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Our Top ‘5’ Starting Point Strategies Include:


Getting To Know Your Team

Survey the IT & Security Infrastructure

Set Strategies and Goals

Incorporate Digital Transformation

Set Priorities

Teams is the primary client for intelligent communications in Microsoft 365 and Office 365, and it’ll eventually replace Skype for Business Online. To complement persistent chat and messaging capabilities, Teams offers a comprehensive meeting and calling experience, with built in, fully integrated voice and video. If you are ready to fully move to Teams, we have the tools, tips, and guidance to help make your transition successful. 

The modern workplace is evolving, and employees are now required to work securely from any location on any device. Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) features a suite of business solutions to remotely create, collaborate, and communicate, enabling a digital transformation towards anywhere operations. Eliminate the costliness and time consumption of managing on-premises hardware and applications with this cloud-based subscription featuring a financially backed 99.9% uptime guarantee.
Microsoft Outlook

Stay in the know whether in the office, at home, or on-the-go with Outlook’s email and calendar. Data encryption on every email sent allows users to securely send and receive messages with confidence. Amplify time management, prioritize tasks, and schedule meetings in the calendar, complete with event notifications so you never miss a discussion.

Microsoft Office

Enable your employees with familiar office productivity software, including Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Produce professional documents, responsive spreadsheets, and engaging presentations with the power of Microsoft Office suite. Breathe easier with M365 support through call or chat whenever you need it.

Microsoft Teams

Advanced collaboration tool Microsoft Teams increases productivity and enhances company culture with chat, video and audio conferencing, calendar, and document library that can be accessed from anywhere at any time. Exchange ideas with real-time file editing and improve teamwork with the ability to meet and share with partners inside and outside the organization.

Microsoft Azure, a cloud platform with more than 200 products and cloud services, helps developers and IT professionals build, deploy, and manage applications. Scale for the ever-increasing volumes of data with Azure, which provides backup and disaster recovery solutions, so your data remains secure and compliant with industry standards and government regulations. Modernize your business with the security, scalability, and affordability of Azure.
Azure Backup

Eliminate time-consuming maintenance of on-premises backup storage and backup data with one click in Microsoft Azure. A centralized management interface allows you to manage and monitor backups to ensure data protection and prevent data loss. Stay compliant with industry standards and government regulations when you enforce backups at scale with Azure Policy.

Azure Site Recovery

Prepare for outages and prevent downtime with Azure Site Recovery for a speedy disaster recovery and resilient business continuity. Recover apps and restore data automatically within hours rather than weeks. Run tests of production workloads in Azure to ensure smooth deployment of policies and actions in the event of an incident.

Azure Security

Minimize threat exposure, fix vulnerabilities, and respond to cyberattacks with Microsoft Azure. Verify user identify for secure sign-on through Azure Active Directory. Utilize Azure Monitor to scan networks, machines, and cloud services for attacks. Fortify your systems and remediate issues with security recommendations from Defender for Cloud Apps.

Store, organize, and share files and information with Microsoft SharePoint. Simplify content management with the ability to establish sites, integrate folders, and distribute files with varying levels of user access and permissions to promote collaboration while protecting confidential information. Create a central hub with company news to bring colleagues together and keep all employees updated on latest announcements for improved transparency and culture.

Sharepoint Online

Employees can access information anywhere from any device with SharePoint Online. Businesses can subscribe to a Microsoft 365 plan or to the standalone SharePoint Online service to access this cloud-based service rather than installing and deploying SharePoint Server on-premises. Connect team members to each other and the resources they need.

Integration with Business Intelligence Tools

Enhance your business analytics with Power BI and create professional reports and secure internal portals in SharePoint Online. Automate data analysis, report development, and workflows with Power Automate. Boost productivity and efficiency and provide all users the ability to create apps at speed with little to no code needed in Power Apps.

OneDrive Sync App

With the OneDrive sync app, employees can sync documents from a team site or OneDrive to use offline, ensuring 24/7 remote capability and productivity for anywhere operations. Keep files private, assign user permissions, share securely, and edit together in real-time to increase data protection and improve team collaboration.

Internet of Things (IoT) is the way of Industry 4.0, and legacy infrastructure cannot handle the vast amounts of big data, leading to downtime and security risks. Moving your business infrastructure from on-premises to a cloud environment increases agility, scalability, and security with the added bonus of reduced cost and less maintenance. An IT team maintaining on-premises equipment may lack expertise in legacy-to-cloud migrations. NexusTek has the resources and expertise to handle your Microsoft cloud migration.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Migration

Migrate mission-critical workloads and modernize applications in Azure for increased speed and resiliency. But an Azure migration demands cloud expertise. NexusTek streamlines the planning, implementation, and operations of your modernization journey so your business can be future-ready. We perform a cloud security assessment, provide training, and offer post-go live support.

Microsoft Modern File Services Migration
Take advantage of Microsoft 365’s collaboration tools to empower remote workforces and enable modern workplaces. Migrating existing file storage or sharing solution to Microsoft 365 Modern File Services without data loss or security breaches is complicated. NexusTek defines the modern file folder structure, sets up the account, syncs users, and migrates data seamlessly.
Microsoft 365 Exchange Migration

Reduce cost, increase scalability, and improve uptime with Microsoft’s cloud-hosted email service, Exchange. Email migration is a time-consuming process. NexusTek acts as your project manager, coordinating scheduling, migrating data securely, monitoring progress, and providing go-live support, so your IT team can focus on their core business.

Fortify your business, people, data, devices, and infrastructure with Microsoft solutions’ built-in security and compliance features. Microsoft 365 offers threat management, data governance, and response measures for a comprehensive approach to security. Empower your changing workforce to operate in new, flexible ways with the endpoint security, advanced analytics, identity verification, and threat investigation capabilities of Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS).

Microsoft 365 Security & Compliance

Manage your company’s security and compliance needs across domains with the Microsoft 365 security center and Microsoft 365 compliance center. Microsoft 365 Defender protects against cyberattacks, detects threats, sends alerts, and automates defensive responses. Multifactor authentication safeguards employee identities and company data with a seamless identity solution. Track data protection with a risk-based compliance score in Compliance Manager to improve security of sensitive information and avoid non-compliance fines.

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS)

Boost your business security with the increased protection, improved detection, and enhanced response capabilities in intelligent mobility management and security platform, Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security. Monitor and support all users, apps, and devices from Endpoint Manager, and control features and settings, and protect data in Intune. Analyze user patterns, assess for 80 risk factors, and protect against threats with Defender for Cloud Apps.


Select one of our Global Network Service Provider’s (NSP) to complete and activate your new Express Route for Office 365, Azure and Sharepoint for Business.

TeleSource takes the time to understand your business needs before recommending the solutions that would best accomplish your goals. TeleSource’s certified Microsoft experts provide high-value consulting and advisory services, secure data and application migrations, and effective implementation of Microsoft technologies to enable your business to thrive. TeleSource is your technology partner.