Dear Executive Financial and Technical Decision Makers currently hosting and filtering their email Microsoft (ATP1 or ATP2), Google Cloud, AWS, Barracuda, IronPort etc..

In today’s interconnected business landscape, ensuring the continuity of global email services is paramount. At TeleSource Communications, Inc., we understand the critical role that uninterrupted email communication plays in driving business success. We are thrilled to share our success story in implementing a robust ‘Continuity of Global Email Services’ strategy, focusing on our meticulously crafted ‘Global Communications Plan’ for seamless migrations.

Here are the top 3 key points that highlight our approach to achieving uninterrupted email services:

  1. Global Communications Plan: A Blueprint for Success
    At TeleSource Communications, we recognize that migrating email filtering from Microsoft to a third-party solution like Mimecast, Cloudflare, Mail Marshall, or Proofpoint demands careful planning and execution. Our ‘Global Communications Plan’ serves as a blueprint for success, ensuring that all stakeholders are aligned and well-informed throughout the migration process.
  2. Strategic Downtime Scheduling for Minimal Disruption
    We understand that downtime for email filtering migration can cause disruption, impacting productivity and communication. To mitigate this, our plan emphasizes three key scheduling strategies:

    • Weekend Maintenance Window (Sat/Sun): By selecting weekends, we ensure that the migration occurs during off-peak hours, minimizing disruption to day-to-day operations.
    • Avoiding Major and Regional Holidays: Our schedule excludes major holidays, preventing conflicts and allowing uninterrupted focus on the migration process.
    • Non-Working Hours for All Global Regions: With a global user base in mind, we choose a timeframe that corresponds to non-working hours for all regions, ensuring a consistent and seamless transition.
  3. Communication, Contingency, and Confidence
    A successful migration hinges on transparent communication, contingency planning, and providing our clients with the confidence to navigate the transition. Our ‘Global Communications Plan’ incorporates the following critical elements:

    • Internal Advanced Downtime Notice: We provide ample advance notice to our clients, ensuring that their teams are well-prepared for the migration. Clear communication enhances awareness and minimizes surprises.
    • Comprehensive Contingency Plan: Recognizing the potential for unexpected challenges, our plan includes a robust contingency strategy. Our experts are equipped to swiftly address any issues that arise during the migration, ensuring a smooth transition even in unforeseen scenarios.
    • User-Centric Support: Our dedicated support team is available to assist users with any questions or concerns they may have during the migration. We prioritize a user-centric approach to minimize disruption and maintain high levels of satisfaction.

TeleSource Communications, Inc. takes immense pride in our ability to seamlessly migrate email filtering, demonstrating our commitment to delivering uninterrupted global email services. Our ‘Continuity of Global Email Services’ strategy, coupled with the ‘Global Communications Plan,’ underscores our dedication to providing unparalleled service and support.

As you navigate the complexities of email filtering migration, trust in TeleSource Communications, Inc. to deliver a streamlined experience that keeps your business communication flowing effortlessly. Reach out to our experts today to learn more about our successful approach and discover how we can tailor it to your organization’s unique needs.

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TeleSource Communications, Inc.