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So what drives a CEO to seek out a CISO? or even consider our CISO as a Service?

When CEOs hire a fractional Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), they typically aim to achieve specific business outcomes and improvements in their organization’s cybersecurity posture. Here are five common business outcomes that CEOs hope to realize by hiring a fractional CISO:

1. Enhanced Security Governance and Compliance: CEOs want to ensure their organization has effective security governance and compliance measures in place. A fractional CISO can provide guidance on developing and implementing security policies, procedures, and controls that align with regulatory requirements and industry standards.

2. Improved Risk Management: CEOs seek to minimize cybersecurity risks and protect critical assets. A fractional CISO can assess the organization’s risk landscape, identify vulnerabilities, and implement risk management strategies to mitigate potential threats. By providing strategic insights and risk-focused recommendations, they help CEOs make informed decisions to protect the organization’s reputation and assets.

3. Strengthened Incident Response and Recovery Capabilities: CEOs understand the importance of a robust incident response and recovery plan. A fractional CISO can help establish incident response protocols, coordinate response efforts, and facilitate effective communication during security incidents. Their expertise ensures a rapid and efficient response, minimizing the impact of security breaches and facilitating timely recovery.

4. Enhanced Cybersecurity Strategy and Alignment with Business Goals: CEOs want cybersecurity to be aligned with their organization’s overall business strategy. A fractional CISO can develop a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy that supports the organization’s goals, protects its critical assets, and enables secure digital transformation.

5. Increased Confidence and Trust: CEOs aim to instill confidence and trust among stakeholders, including customers, partners, and shareholders. By hiring a fractional CISO, they demonstrate a commitment to cybersecurity and protecting sensitive information.

It’s important to note that the specific business outcomes CEOs hope to achieve by hiring a fractional CISO absolutely vary based on their industry, organizational priorities, and the unique challenges they face.

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